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Ellie-Mae Gilbert

Ellie-Mae Gilbert

“This course is really creative, fun and has given me a lot of skills so I’m ready to go out there and work.”

I’m studying the Level 2 Hairdressing course in Lewes and found out about the course through the Salon’s Facebook page. I had a look on there to see what work and treatments the salon offered, and after seeing all the pictures that were on there, it really appealed to me. Plus, with the train station just around the corner, this college was definitely the one.

The tutors are really friendly and supportive. They’re great at making sure that the course is right for you. It is quite fast-paced and you are learning new things all the time and you don't really have time to miss lessons, but it is really creative, fun and has given me a lot of skills so I’m ready to go out there and work. 

Plus, they are all still working in the hairdressing industry which means they are always up to date with the new hairstyles, so you’re not just doing old fashioned styles, you’re doing things that are current and trendy.

The salon is really good, it has really good facilities and the college has put a lot of effort into making sure we have really good products here to use. For instance, the Evo range is really high quality and natural so no bad chemicals are going into a client’s hair. 

At the beginning of the year, we’re able to buy our kit, including hairdryers, scissors, and rollers, but a lot of equipment is already here. We have hair straighteners, all of the climazones and expensive items, and comfy washbasins to use.

We learn a whole range of things on the course, starting with the basic blow-drying, which I thought would be easy and simple at first, but it does take a lot of work to get used to holding things in different hands. We then moved on to quite simple, basic hair cuts, then onto shorter, pixie style haircuts. 

We’ve had training in colouring and highlighting which has been really interesting. For example, depending on what colouring service the client wants, we’ve learnt how to apply highlights, going through the consultation sheet with them to determine whether they’re after natural-looking highlights or quite bold highlights. There is quite a lot of maths and science involved too. Everything from figuring out the ratios and quantities you need to mix products, to how long you’re going to leave the product on for. Then, if you’re going to put a climazone on, the amount of time you’ll leave it on for will be shorter.

We’ve also had the chance to learn from industry experts who have come into the salon to run colouring workshops and help us to improve our skills. It's really useful because these tips are coming from an employer, somebody who knows what they are looking for in a potential employee. 

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I already work in a salon, so after college, I plan to continue working there to build up my experience. But, I think the course is perfect for helping to get you ready for working in the industry - especially if you have just come out of school. It can be quite nerve-wracking working with real clients, so need that time to learn what to say to them and how to ask the right questions to make sure they go away happy. When you’re in the real world you need to make sure you can help a whole range of different clients, and ultimately make them happy so that they come back.

If you’re thinking about a career in hair then you should come here and give it a shot.

Arjuna Dianto

Arjuna Dianto

Emily Grace-Barnes

Emily Grace-Barnes