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Arjuna Dianto

“I’ve always loved music. I've been brought up in a family full of musicians. It’s a bit of a cliché but my dad is a guitarist and I’m following in those footsteps.”

The music course at Ore Valley is two-years and is very well rounded. The first year is more about music technology and music theory and the second year will be more focused towards performance.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved music. I've been brought up in a family full of musicians. It’s a bit of a cliché, but my dad is a guitarist and I’m following in those footsteps. 

The first year has been really interesting and I have learnt so much. The modules are really good and go into a lot of different subjects, things you wouldn't necessarily expect to study during a music course. For instance, moving image and how it is related to sounds. It’s quite obvious once you think about it - of course, there is music in films, but we look at, not only soundtracks to movies but how to produce sound effects and how music can set the mood in films. After that module, you realise that music plays a massive role in setting the scene, immersing an audience and creating an atmosphere.

The college has a good environment. The facilities supplement you very well. We have a studio, really decent microphones, we have a full drum kit, guitars and plenty of powerful computers with Cubase Pro. You won't be limited creatively at this place.

My tutor, Gary, made a great first impression and I thought that he was a great guy to be teaching me. But all the tutors are really supportive and encourage you to be a lot more independent and think on your feet. I’ve improved my research and critical thinking skills meaning I can solve problems for myself. 

We’ve had the chance to visit and attend music conventions, hosted by lots of people from the music industry. They’ve talked about what it’s like and how to thrive in the industry, then gave us an insightful talk about copyright. All the important things that you need to know if you’re going to work in the industry. We also have the opportunity to perform in local venues in Hastings which gives us lots of experience in playing gigs and performing on stage.

Next year I’ll be moving to year two and after college, I want to go to university. I’ve recently found somewhere that offers a degree in guitar, which is literally perfect, so I’ll be heading off to pursue that.

My long term aim is to be in a band or become a sessional guitarist. Being on call to anyone who may need a guitarist. I’d love the idea of touring with famous people, but not necessarily gaining the celebrity status for myself!

Abbey Sellman

Abbey Sellman

Ellie-Mae Gilbert

Ellie-Mae Gilbert