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Adam Hollaway

“My dream has always been to become a Police Officer.”

I've always wanted to become a Police Officer and had heard that the Public Services course in Lewes was the perfect route into the police.

I came along to a Taster Day and thought that it was really nice here. We were told the course involves a lot of work with the Uniformed Public Services meaning I would get a good insight into the industry and gain lots of hands-on experience.

The teachers were really friendly and it felt very welcoming, which helped me make up my mind pretty quickly.

During the course, we have studied lots of different units. We’ve explored each of the public services including the police, the fire service, and ambulance service, and what it takes to join one of them. We have discovered the legal system and discussed political issues and had the chance to experience custody suites.

A lot of our learning takes place on location and outside of the classroom. We’ve been Lewes Police Station and Lewes Crown Court so we can see these types of places in action. We’ve helped to organise and run Safety in Action Week in and around Lewes and Newhaven - helping the Police, Ambulance and Fire Services educate young people about safety and emergencies.

There have also been fun activities too, such as our multi-day expedition camping trip. That included a long hike, which required us to carry all of our camping equipment, camping overnight, and the water sports, such as raft building, kayaking, and paddleboarding, the following day.

My aim after college is to join the Police and I think this course has perfectly prepared for that. My tutor has been very helpful and has given me valuable pieces of information that I was able to use in my practical and written assignments. I was given all the support I needed and Carey was more than happy to go through something a couple of times if I was still struggling to understand it.

I‘d say this course has prepared me for a career in the police. It has given me more confidence when interacting with a range of different people and expanded my knowledge and experience of the sector. My work placement with Eastbourne Police Station gave me a fantastic insight into the response unit how different emergency calls are categorised.

Francesca Langford

Francesca Langford