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Abbey Sellman

“We’ve been on some incredible trips and had the chance to visit British Airways and the Emirates Aviation Experience”

I’ve studied here for the past two years, and it has been amazing. Last year, I studied the Level 2 Air Cabin Crew course and then this year moved on to the Level 3 Travel and Tourism course. I've really enjoyed both courses and I think they will be really beneficial for what I want to do in the future.

The Cabin Crew course taught me everything there is to know about the industry, everything from safety procedures to life of a cabin crew member.

We have been on some incredible trips and had the chance to visit British Airways where we took part in a safety course and do some fire training. We’ve also been to the Emirates Aviation Experience where we had the chance to learn more about A380 fleet of planes and the Emirates brand. We then had the chance to improve our tourism knowledge by exploring London.

During the Travel and Tourism course, we’ve learnt about worldwide travel destinations, learnt about the industry, and then had the chance to learn about business functions such as marketing and the role of travel agents.

With travel and tourism, work experience plays a big part in the course. We’re encouraged to find our own placements in an area of the industry we’d like to work in. We need to contact the employer ourselves and then ask if they’d be able to offer us a work placement for a minimum of 20 hours.

The facilities at Station Plaza are really good - some of the best that I looked at. There is a fuselage, which is a replica of the inside of a plane, which was really handy when I studied the cabin crew course. You get a real-life learning experience of what it’s actually like to work in Cabin Crew. We had quite a few lessons in there and were able to practise and take part in lots of travel-related activities.

The classrooms are really modern and large. We often have a whole group discussion where we’re able to use the interactive whiteboard and then go through tasks as a class. 

My first impressions of college were that it is really spacious and the staff are very friendly and welcoming. It is true what people say about this place, everyone treats you like an adult, they trust you, and if you need help, the tutors won’t talk down to you, they talk to you on the same level. Both my tutors will always do their best to help you. If there is ever anything I don’t understand they are always happy to go over it again with me - they don’t make me feel silly for asking, they reassure me. You can tell that they want you to do your best and their main goal is to help you get a career at the end of the year. 

After college, I want to go into the travel industry. I’m still yet to decide for definite, but something in Cabin Crew or even as a travel agent would be great. Something to give me a starting point and somewhere I can put my knowledge and love for travel into my career. 

If I could sum up college in three words I would say that it has been worthwhile, eye-opening, and beneficial.

Francesca Langford

Francesca Langford

Arjuna Dianto

Arjuna Dianto