Natalie Mann

My sight loss has forced me into becoming someone I didn’t choose to be, and, for a very long time I didn’t want anything to do with the ‘new’ me. Complete and utter denial, bloody mindedness, sorrow, anger, grief, fear and stress (don’t forget the stress) became my emotional default setting. I had put myself well and truly in the ‘why me’ zone.

Imogen Mcintosh-Roffey

For the Royal Opera House Design Challenge competition I chose to create a rotating German expressionist set design, which included distorted buildings that weren’t to scale, reflecting the overwhelming and violent nature of society.

Jessamin Landamore

Performing in street theatre or a music video, teaching yoga and meditation , or performing in Faust , are all about finding joy in movement and connection. I’m fortunate to be working across different disciplines and diving into worlds which continue to challenge and inspire me.

Jamie Bedwell

I believe high profile athletes have a fantastic opportunity to influence others in a really positive way and I want to use my platform to help people find their purpose. I have been working alongside the United Nations UK association to reduce the amount of unsustainable plastic being used in the bike and triathlon industry, called the Genesis 215 Campaign.