Award-winning teachers, entrepreneurial students, and inspirational people make up the Humans of East Sussex College.

Our in-house authors:

Why Humans?

What makes a college? People.

People are the heartbeat of our college. Whether we are a student, teacher, learner, influencer, or ambassador. We are all human, we are all on a journey, and we all have a story to tell.

Inspired by the Humans of New York, Humans of ESC is a collection of real-life stories from the students and staff at East Sussex College. Read how college has transformed lives, led to fantastic careers and presented once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Also featured are stories of overcoming adversity and tragedy, and interesting hobbies outside of the classroom. Find out more about the people who make up ESC. Did you know that your colleagues and peers volunteer for charity, vlog to thousands of subscribers, train for the Olympic Games, and design their own clothing range?

If you have an interesting story then please get in touch.

These are our stories. This is our time. We are the Humans of East Sussex College.


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