Zoe Carroll

The Sahara was chosen for the trek as the challenging conditions and environment were the nearest to Iraq and Afghanistan, meaning we were really able to visualise what our husbands went through during the time they served in the military. At College I want my students to have realistic expectations about a career in the Public Uniformed Services.

Ash Allwood

I left school at 16 and was homeless until I was about 25. It’s fair to say that life didn’t quite start as I was expecting. I spent years travelling around, living out of a bag and only ever taking what I could carry.

Ian Schofield

I worked for BT for 19 years, but I’ve always had a love for music. I didn’t enjoy my job as much as I used to and really wanted to study, but I didn’t quite know what. But as soon as I saw that music recording and production was a possibility, it was almost like an epiphany, everything else just stopped and I knew I had to come here.

Jake Wilkinson

I’m a triathlete and distance runner so I spend a lot of my time in the water, on a bike, or running on the pavement. When I’m not doing that I enjoy reading, video games, movies, and occasionally trying to be the second best cook in my household.

Robert Stevens

I set up the Sussex Vegan website when I was 17. I was recently invited to visit Google UK offices in London and was fortunate enough to meet Ronan Harris, the managing Director of Google UK and Ireland.